Principles for Customer-Oriented Business Conduct

On March 30th 2017, Financial Services Agency of Japan has released “Principles for Customer-Oriented Business Conduct”, and the Company’s view regarding the seven principles stated in such Principles is as follows:

Formulation and Announcement of Policies regarding Customer-Oriented Business Conduct

The Company is an asset management company that was established in 2000. Since then, the Company lists and manages several listed Investment Corporations, and its total assets under management are the largest in the listed REIT industry in Japan.
Through real estate investment management, the Company holds up the Mission to create new demands in our society and new values that exceed people’s expectations. 
By carrying out the abovementioned Mission, the Company will continue to conduct investment corporation (from which the Company is entrusted with managing of its assets; hereinafter referred to as “Investment Corporation”) -Oriented Business.

Pursuit of the Customers’ Best Interest

The Company will maintain a high level of expertise and professional ethics as Financial Instruments Business Operator and operate our businesses in a loyal and fair manner for the best interest of the Investment Corporation. In addition, the Company will endeavor to establish such business operation as its corporate culture.

Appropriately Managing Conflict of Interest

In compliance with applicable laws and internal rules, the Company will accurately grasp potential conflict of interest with the Investment Corporations. If there is a potential conflict of interest with regards to the transactions, the Company will manage such conflict of interest in appropriate ways such as discussing the transaction within the Compliance Committee (whose member includes external specialist) and Board of Directors before it is conducted.

Clarification of Commissions

The Company will provide detailed information regarding commissions and other costs to be borne by the Investment Corporation, including description of the services for which such commissions are incurred, in a manner comprehensible by investors of the Investment Corporation as the final beneficiary within the investment chain (hereinafter referred to as “Investors”).

Providing Important Information in a Comprehensible Manner

The Company will provide Investors with important information plainly in a manner comprehensible by Investors.

Providing Suitable Service for Customers

The Company will endeavor to grasp the Investors’ demands, and will conduct asset management taking such demands into account.

Outline to Adequately Motivate the Employees

The Company adopts accomplishment of compliance objectives as one of the employees’ performance evaluation indicators to ensure actions to pursue best interest of Investment Corporations and Investors and appropriate management of conflict of interest.
In addition, the Company conducts compliance training for all employees on a regular and continuous basis and makes day by day improvements.