Establishment of a system to eliminate antisocial forces

To preempt violence from antisocial forces, clarify how we will respond as an organization and ensure that we will never have any relations or dealings with antisocial forces and use them, we also provide the “Basic Rules around How to Deal with Antisocial Forces” which stipulates that we will take a resolute attitude as an organization to antisocial forces, including coordinating with external specialized institutions, as our basic principle. Each division of the Asset Manager is expected to confirm in advance that counterparts to transactions, etc. are not considered as antisocial forces, to report any questionable acts or behaviors when they are expected directly or indirectly to the Head of the Compliance & Risk Management Office and the President, and review social risks thoroughly to make a decision of whether the transaction can go ahead or not, in accordance with the Basic Rules as per their respective operations manuals for each division that are provided separately.