KJR Management(KJRM) was established in the early days of J-REITs, is one of the largest asset management companies in japan, we engage in a variety of challenges while maintaining unparalleled stability.
This is a look at the path taken so far by KJRM, which has expanded the total balance of assets under management through numerous pioneering projects.

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2022/04 MCUBS

Changed corporate name to KJR Management

2021/03 JRF

Japan Retail Fund Investment Corporation and MCUBS MidCity Investment Corporation merged to form Japan Metropolitan Fund Investment Corporation

May 2020 MCUBS

Participated in Japan Climate Initiative (JCI)

Participated in Japan Climate Initiative (JCI) in support of the JCI's declaration "Joining the front line of global trend for decarbonization from Japan.” as a J-REIT asset management company.

January 2020 MCUBS

Joint ESG Meeting

MCUBS became the first J-REIT asset manager to held a joint ESG meeting for 3REITs, JRF, IIF and MMI for the purpose of introducing investors the ESG initiatives of MC-UBS Group.

September 2019 JRF

Win the APREA's Innovative Company of the Year

Among the "APREA's 2019 Awards for Excellence", which certifies real estate companies in Asia and the Pacific Rim that have made the best innovations, JRF’s effort for its first initiative in the J-REIT to issue green bonds is evaluated.

August 2019 MCUBS

Agreement to Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)

MCUBS recognizes that climate change is an important environmental issue that significantly affects our business activities and supports of the recommendations by TCFD. We promote initiatives to reduce the impact of climate change through real estate asset management with the aim of improving the energy efficiency and building resilience of our properties.

July 2019: MCUBS

Marged MCUBS MidCity Inc.

April 2019: MCUBS

Additional acquired all of the total issued shares of MCUBS MidCity Inc.

February 2019: IIF

Became the first J-REIT to carry out an acquisition based on the Principles for Positive Impact (equity interest in OTA Techno CORE)

Made the first investment for a J-REIT based on the Sustainable Development Goals and the Principles for Positive Impact. This is an initiative (PRE) under IIF’s mission of supporting the development of regional economies through real estate.

December 2018: JRF

Received a Green Bond Award at the 2018 Sustainable Finance Awards

Received an award from the Research Institute for Environmental Finance (RIEF) in recognition of the Green Bond initiative. The recognition was for the issuance of the first Green Bonds in J-REITs, thereby encouraging other J-REITs to follow suit, and becoming the core of the boom in issuance of Green Bonds in 2018.

May 2018: JRF

Became first J-REIT to issue Green Bonds

Became the first J-REIT to issue Green Bonds to carry out investments that contribute toward the practice and realization of a sustainable environmental and society. Although the initial issue was for eight billion yen, demand was twice that.

July 2017: MCUBS

Established the Group logo and slogan

Established the new Group logo and slogan embodying the corporate brand to create a sense of identity for the MC-UBS Group. Also changed the logos of subsidiaries and investment corporations.

June 2017: JRF IIF

Selected for the MSCI Japan ESG Select Leaders Index

This index is an ESG index by MSCI, a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Since the establishment of this index in 2017, all of MC-UBS Group’s investment corporations—JRF, IIF, and MidCity (selected in December 2018)—have been included in the index.

October 2016: MCUBS

Became the first asset management company to sign the UNEP Finance Initiative and UN Global Compact

MCUBS was approached by United Nations Environment Programme – Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) to participate in its Property Working Group (PWG) in recognition of MCUBS’s proactive sustainability activities. The PWG comprises approximately 20 of the world’s major real estate investors, and MCUBS is the third working group member from Japan.

April 2016: IIF

Acquired the "IIF Kakegawa Manufacturing Center (Land with leasehold interest)" as the first IIF plant deal

February 2016: MCUBS

Established MCUBS Japan Advisors Inc.

September 2015: MCUBS

Became the first asset management company to sign the Montreal Carbon Pledge

September 2015: MCUBS

Completed MC-UBS Group joint entrance, and opened Kansai Branch Office in Herbis ENT Office Tower

April 2015: MCUBS

Became the first asset management company to acquire 65% of the shares of MID REIT Management Co., Ltd.

Became the first asset management company to invest in another asset management company and make it into a subsidiary. Investment corporation MCUBS MidCity was added to the Group, expanding the scope of investments.

March 2015: JRF

Received CASBEE building certification for four properties, a first for retail properties

November 2014: IIF

Received BELS certification for one property, a first for logistics properties

November 2014: JRF

Received DBJ Green Building certification for four properties, a first for retail properties

May 2014: IIF

Completed acquisition of research and development facility IIF Kawasaki Science Center utilizing IIF’s first development-type scheme

Avoided development risk and achieved improvement in unrealized gains through utilization of IIF’s first development-type scheme. This is a representative example of an environmentally friendly facility.

November 2013: IIF

Became the first J-REIT to receive the Porter Prize

Became the first J-REIT to receive the Porter Prize, which recognizes companies that have implemented unique strategies based on innovations in products, processes, and ways of managing.

September 2013: IIF

Became the first J-REIT to be certified as Sector Leader based on the GRESB

Obtained a Green Star—the highest evaluation—under the real estate evaluation of the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB), and became the first J-REIT to be certified as a Sector Leader in the Asian industrial real estate sector.

August 2013: MCUBS

Became the first asset management company to sign the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)

Became the first J-REIT asset management company to be a signatory after talking to a European investor. Since then, MCUBS has incorporated ESG issues into investment and management processes so as to enhance long-term investment results for beneficiaries.

June 2013: MCUBS

Sign the Principles for Financial Action for the 21st Century

February 2013: IIF

Acquired the IIF Kobe Logistics Center (land with leasehold interest) acquired as the first IIF PRE property

October 2012: IIF

Received DBJ Green Building certification for two properties, a first for logistics properties

October 2011: JRF

Re-acquired the flagship suburban property "mozo wonder city (formerly wondercity)" through reconstruction

March 2011: JRF

JRF properties were affected by the earthquake in the Tohoku area (Great East Japan Earthquake)

Although AEON Sendai Nakayama was damaged, support for the response was taken through cooperating with the tenants and AEON. Also, there were instances where the process for purchasing properties was carried out in darkness during blackouts.

September 2010: MCUBS

Consolidated the Shin-Marunouchi Annex through floor expansion at the Tokyo Building

March 2010: IIF

Acquired the IIF Totsuka Logistics Center (land with leasehold interest) as IIF’s first research and development facility and CRE property

March 2010: JRF

Became the first J-REIT to establish Level-1 American Depository Receipts (ADR) program

March 2010: JRF

Completed the merger process with LaSalle Japan REIT

February 2009: IIF

Became the first J-REIT to issue unsecured investment corporation bonds (subordinated)

February 2008: IIF

Acquired the flagship infrastructure facility "IIF Haneda Airport Maintenance Center"

Hangars are used by Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. for accommodating and servicing aircraft. Became the first J-REIT to handle properties within airports which sit on nationally-owned land. The scale of IPO at that time was approximately 66 billion yen, of which 41.1 billion yen—more than half—was acquired. This is the highest-priced property possessed by IIF.

December 2007: JRF

Became first J-REIT to issue short-term investment corporation bonds (CP)

November 2007: MCUBS

Annex opened in Shin-Marunouchi Building

October 2007 JRF

Re-acquired the flagship urban property "GYRE (former ESQUISSE Omotesando)" through reconstruction

Acquired ESQUISSE Omotesando, the predecessor to GYRE, in 2004. Subsequently, sold the property together with adjacent land to a third-party for redevelopment. Three years later, acquired as the redeveloped GYRE.

October 2007: IIF

Listed on the Tokyo Stock facility-specialized REIT

March 2007: IIF

Industrial & Infrastructure Fund Investment Corporation founded

Founded Japan’s only REIT specializing in industrial and infrastructure properties. Specializes in three types of properties—logistics facilities; manufacturing and research and development facilities; and infrastructure facilities—under the philosophy of supporting Japan’s industrial activities through real estate.

November 2005: MCUBS

Headquarters moved to the Tokyo Building

February 2005: JRF

Became the first J-REIT to issue publicly offered investment corporation bonds

December 2004: JRF

Became the first J-REIT to register for issuance of investment corporation bond

September 2004: JRF

Became the first J-REIT to receive credit rating from Moody's, S&P, and R&I

March 2002: JRF

Became the first J-REIT to be listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange as a facility-specialized REIT

September 2001: JRF

Japan Retail Fund Investment Corporation was founded

Founded as a facility-specialized REIT. The first four properties acquired were: AEON Sendai Nakayama; AEON Chigasaki-Chuo; Ito-Yokado Kawasaki; and 8953 Osaka Shinsaibashi Building, which houses Tokyu Hands.
* Some properties are no longer owned by JRF.

January 2001: MCUBS

Headquarters moved to the Izumikan Kioicho Building

December 2000: MCUBS

Name changed to Mitsubishi Corp.-UBS Realty Inc.

November 2000: MCUBS

MC Asset Management Ltd. was established

Established on the basis of the founder’s spirit of “We always challenge the unprecedented.” This spirit of taking on challenges continues to exist as our DNA.